My Take on Hot Ones featuring Pepper North

What happens when my favourite hot sauce company has one of their products selected for one of my favourite shows? I do a mini-version using their lineup! Learn a bit about me while I take you through Pepper North Artisan Foods hot sauces in a Hot Ones-esque format. Due to the time constraint I rushed answers -... Continue Reading →

Looking ahead: In-store sampling reimagined

***this was a collaborative effort from The Think Tank team*** In-store sampling is one of the most effective marketing tactics for engaging consumers. It drives trial and boost sales for brands,  many of whom credit sampling for helping to establish their brand through a more intimate, face-to-face shopper interaction. However, this in-person component is exactly... Continue Reading →

Finding a Cure for Emerging Brands in the COVID Era

How brands are adapting to survive and thrive in the new normal The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown forced many emerging brands to adjust their plans. Those who already had strong e-commerce and/or were already on-shelf faced minor changes. However, the many brands relying on foodservice or those who planned to get on shelf in... Continue Reading →

Feature on The New Leader Podcast with Ian Daley

Ian was kind enough to invite me to join him on his podcast to discuss the importance of networking as a new manager, and the power of those networking relationships. We also discuss Jared’s early leadership blunders lessons Networking tips for introverts Why and how you should be networking How to choose the right networking... Continue Reading →


#FounderFriday was a weekly series I host on LinkedIn where I highlight a local Canadian brand and their founder: typically a CPG brand although sometimes I also highlight companies that help startups and emerging brands. Running from May-November 2020, the objective was to brands get a lift in their #cometogetherto promotions, general awareness and ideally... Continue Reading →

The Brief – The solution to agency/brand disconnect

"My agency isn't delivering the value, strategy, and creative they promised." "My client has unrealistic expectations and gives bad direction." Do these sounds familiar? Year after year they are the top complaints shared on surveys by brand marketers and agencies. I've been on both sides now and see a couple reasons for what's causing this... Continue Reading →

How to excel in marketing and business.

Every sector and industry has seen increasing competition as more start-ups and international brands try to grab market share. While there will be a rare unicorn that explodes to the top and a bunch who will fail, the vast majority fall across the spectrum. It is here that we see the greatest effort and struggle... Continue Reading →

Feature on The Witz Podcast

I returned to my old stomping ground to talk with Greg about everything from Entrepreneurship, Networking, Home Schooling and are MBAs still worth it? Sit back and enjoy this fascinating conversation between these two communication experts on the latest instalment of the Witz Podcast.    

3 Strategies to Avoid Burnout & Get Back on Track

We’ve all been there. What was once exciting and novel slowly turns into the “daily grind” as we attempt to cope with the ever increasing pressure to achieve growth and strategic goals. We become so focused on metrics, we overlook the emotional and physical impact this may have on us. You may be burned out... Continue Reading →

3 Steps to Easily Overcome Objections

Most people receiving objections to a request consider it a conversation ender. Some become defensive, others become angry, and others will simply move on. However, successful individuals have a different perspective: they see this as a conversation starter. Objections are bound to happen, whether it’s in sales negotiations or discussing marketing options. Regardless of your... Continue Reading →

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