3 Leadership Lessons From the Ottawa Shooting

On Wednesday October 22, the unthinkable happened as a gunman opened fire on Parliament Hill, the home of Canadian government. While the men and women protecting the institution did their job perfectly, unfortunately a life was lost. My thoughts and condolences go to Cpl. Cirillo and, from Montreal, Warrant Officer Vincent's families. In reflecting on... Continue Reading →

3 Tips for Performance Coaching

The business world is changing. Team members are not looking for bosses, but leaders. This holds particularly true for Millennials, who want to be coached in the workplace. With the right guidance, they will preform beyond expectations. The challenge is that many leaders are not equipped with the tools to effectively coach their teams and team members... Continue Reading →

Leadership Advice: Unplug, turn down the noise, and relax in 4 steps

I was recently on vacation in San Francisco and, for the first time in years, I didn't check my work email. In fact, I barely used technology at all. As a result, I was far more involved and appreciated the trip more than I would have if I was checking Facebook every ten seconds or... Continue Reading →

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