Build Trust Within Your Team

Traditionally, there were a few leaders who held all the power, while followers executed the strategy created from the top. Flattening organizational structures have resulted in fewer boundaries between leaders and followers, and as a result, “leaders can no longer trust in power; instead, they rely on the power of trust” (Forbes). Additionally, to be... Continue Reading →

3 Leadership Lessons From the Ottawa Shooting

On Wednesday October 22, the unthinkable happened as a gunman opened fire on Parliament Hill, the home of Canadian government. While the men and women protecting the institution did their job perfectly, unfortunately a life was lost. My thoughts and condolences go to Cpl. Cirillo and, from Montreal, Warrant Officer Vincent's families. In reflecting on... Continue Reading →

Leadership Advice: Unplug, turn down the noise, and relax in 4 steps

I was recently on vacation in San Francisco and, for the first time in years, I didn't check my work email. In fact, I barely used technology at all. As a result, I was far more involved and appreciated the trip more than I would have if I was checking Facebook every ten seconds or... Continue Reading →

Leadership Advice: Sleep

Sleep. As our lives become busier and time more valuable, many of us forfeit sleep in favour of watching one more episode of our favourite show or completing another blog post. The 8-hour workday, a concept started during the Industrial Revolution, is no longer the norm with the average American working 8.8 hours (stats from... Continue Reading →

“Gen-Y Attitude” – Less Empathetic?

In a 2010 article, Psychology Today quoted research demonstrating that college were 40% less empathetic than their 1970 counterparts. This supports the common description of Gen-Y's being less empathetic, with many pointing to social media and technology as the cause. Is this really the case? In this article, I explore the role of nature, nurture, and technology in the... Continue Reading →

Making the Right Hire

Even 10 years ago, having an excellent product or service at a good price was enough for you to be competitive and successful. Today, with the increasing use of blogs, online review sites, and social media, that is not enough. Our employees define the brand and we rely on them to deliver amazing customer service... Continue Reading →

A Degree/Certification Does Not Equal Job

I had a gentleman in his late 60's walk into my office today. He had either had to close his business or was laid off (wasn't entirely clear) and, in his words, "was desperately looking for work". He had a degree in computer science from his 20's  and had worked in accounting/finance/manufacturing since. Given that... Continue Reading →

Creating Cold-Call Lead Lists

The hardest part of business is finding new clients. Most of us start out by asking our friends and family. The frequency of inbound calls is influenced by a number of factors and may go through peaks and valleys. Referrals are great and LinkedIn has made this much easier, but at some point you will... Continue Reading →

The Power of Words: Generational Impact

The Power of Words "Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning." Maya Angelou Patricia Greenfield, a psychology professor at UCLA, published an article in the August edition of Psychological Science (reposted on that used word frequency patterns to identify how... Continue Reading →

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