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Guest Post: Logan LaPlante on “Hackschooling” at TEDx

I was home schooled for most of my elementary years and I certainly credit it with much of my success today. My mother taught my siblings and I based on a curriculum of her own design, that integrated approaches from a variety of sources, including Ontario’s curriculum and Waldorf. I generally had half of each day to go outside and play or read books or do whatever interested me. People always ask how I found it, and I think being homeschooled provided me with the tools and drivers that make me successful in business today.

Logan has access to programs and activities that I didn’t (not that I’m envious, I took a course in falconry!), but he really is the poster child for the benefits of home schooling or “hack schooling”. All of us should strive to be happy with our lives and we should find a way to do that (not sure where to start? Check out my new years resolutions every leader should make article…it applies to everyone).

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